Whitelabel Packaging for Dropshippers

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What does the term “whitelabel” refer to when you are discussing packaging for drop ship businesses? A whitelabel means that a wholesale supplier leaves the name and logo area blank, so that no company name will show on the invoice and it will have a generic return address. Why is this type of packaging included in drop shipping businesses? In order for a dropshipping business to be successful, the drop ship online retailer creates a business name, online storefront and branding for the new business. It will be different than your wholesale supply business because it is a newly formed company. Therefore, since the dropshipper is not an employee of the wholesale company, it cannot ship out products using the wholesale supplier’s logo or name. Also, with the drop ship retailer handling customer service, they need to have a general inquiry phone number that is not directed to the supplier. Working together, with a whitelabel packaging for dropshippers, your drop ship business will be a success.

How Exactly Does Whitelabeling Work?

When an order has been placed, and the shipping method was selected, the wholesaler will fulfill the order and place a generic packing slip in the shipping box. A white label, with a generic return address that does not have a name or logo, will be included on the package. On the packing slip, there will be specific instructions for returns. This way, the customer receives the package, but does not know which wholesale supplier shipped it. Other terms for white label shipping are “blind shipping” or “private label shipping”. “Blind shipping” has been discussed in this section, as the whitelabel that does not include a return address, and “private label shipping” will be explained in the next section.

Private Label Shipping: Branding Your Business When Shipping

Another option on the whitelabel is to include the logo or name of the drop ship online retailer, so the customer will recognize the store name where the purchase was made. This reinforces your brand identity, and increases the likelihood of repeat sales. This type of label is considered private label shipping, when it does not include the supplier’s address and logo, however it does list your business address and name on the label. When you drop ship with private label shipping, the drop shipper’s business information is present on the packing slip and label, and the warehouse supplier’s information is kept off of all of the materials.

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