The online marketplace is the land of opportunity. Your wholesale products can be drop shipped to customers all around the world. Search engine optimization techniques help to get your products noticed, advanced shopping cart software programs create a streamlined checkout process, creative marketing promotions invite customers to your ecommerce store, and complex inventory control programs keep track of quantities, backordered products, returns and more.

Sound exciting, or maybe a little intimidating or expensive?

Drop shipping does not have to be stressful and it can actually be affordable to get started and have your drop ship business managed expertly. At Skyrocket, we provide two cost effective drop shipping packages that will help you sell your products online:

Drop shipping

We will create and manage an ecommerce website for your products. The website will be easy to use and it will contain all of the necessary functions and useful product information so customers will enjoy their shopping experience and streamlined checkout process. We will market your products through specific online channels, to reach your target market effectively. Your ecommerce store will reflect your branding and products, with built-in search engine optimization (SEO) tools that will elevate your website during keyword searches. Skyrocket’s excellent customer service will be provided to customers, so they will always have a knowledgeable and courteous person to talk to about products and orders.

Our efficient drop shipping software will integrate with your warehousing inventory system, allowing for accurate and current product information to be displayed on the ecommerce website at all times. Customer orders will be forwarded to you, so you can drop ship the products directly to the customer, handling the order fulfillment and shipping side of the business. White labeling will be used so that the drop ship business address is on the return address, enabling customers to work directly with Skyrocket for product returns, shipping inquiries and customer service. All of this is provided in our affordable drop shipping package, launching your online business with increased sales, greater visibility, and repeat customers.


If you are looking for a reputable company to manage the entire drop shipping business including product warehousing, order fulfillment, inventory, and shipping, Skyrocket’s warehousing package is the solution for you. When you choose Skyrocket to handle your warehousing, you not only get all of the great benefits from their drop shipping package, you also receive the most efficient and well-balanced warehousing side of the drop ship business. At Skyrocket, our sophisticated technology and proven drop ship methods enable us to provide an all-inclusive package for wholesale suppliers. We will move your products into our warehouse so we can fully integrate all of the drop ship functions in one location. This setup allows us to manage all aspects of the business, from product promotion to shipping. This stress-free option is phenomenal, because it saves time and keeps all of the drop ship business functions in one location.

A well-managed drop shipping business will eliminate fears

At Skyrocket, we understand the potential negatives that come with starting a drop shipping business, and we have taken steps to turn these negatives into positives when it comes to forming a drop ship partnership. The four most common barriers that prevent wholesale suppliers from entering a drop shipping partnership are the cost, risk, trust and stress factors that could occur as a result of a poorly-managed drop ship business. We are confident that you will bypass these fears and hurdle over them when you partner with us, because of our accelerated business strategies, customer focus and affordable solutions:

Cost: Will forming a drop shipping partnership be too costly for me because of the added training costs and ecommerce staff?

At Skyrocket, we want you to succeed in the drop ship marketplace, and we provide the tools and knowledge to affordably launch and maintain your drop shipping business. With both packages, we become the “ecommerce staff” so there is no additional training costs involved. We already successfully drop ship products in the online marketplace, so training costs are eliminated.

Risk: Will I receive the ROI that I need to get in order to be profitable?

Strategic marketing plans are necessary to ensure that your products will sell and that sales will increase, along with customer loyalty. At Skyrocket, we provide effective marketing, customer service and ecommerce capabilities, so your risk will be very low as compared to other less-experienced online retailers. We want to be successful with the promoting and selling of your products so that you can receive a great return on your investment. Our highly advanced SEO skills and ecommerce strengths will create an environment that allows your drop ship business to soar.

Trust: How do I know I can trust my online retailer in the drop ship business?

The foundation for any successful relationship is trust. Without it, it will fail quickly. We know that the internet can be a scary place, with shady businesses presenting themselves as highly successful companies, when they really do not have the expertise that was promised. With Skyrocket, you will always have trustworthy relationships for doing business. We have examples of our successful drop shipping businesses, and we have the training and years of experience that are necessary for the drop ship business to be successful. You can have a peace of mind, knowing that our business is rock solid, and that we want your business to succeed and grow.

Stress: I want to put my products online, but I’m not sure how to do it successfully.

Take a deep breath and call Skyrocket. We take the stress out of the drop shipping business. Our productive staff knows exactly how to set up your products in a robust ecommerce storefront, so customers can easily search for products and complete the checkout process with ease. No more worries, no more uncertainty. We handle all of the ecommerce business functions so you can carry on with your normal warehousing expertise. Or, if you want us to manage the warehousing side of the drop ship business, we are fully capable of running that side of the business from our well-organized warehouse.

When it comes to drop shipping, we understand the fears and frustrations that can become roadblocks if they are not resolved. At Skyrocket, our integrated packages provide all of the necessary tools and business expertise to successfully manage your drop ship business, affordably and cohesively. Discover a stress-free solution to drop shipping and contact us today.

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