What is Drop Shipping?

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Drop Shipping

When you hear the term “drop shipping”, you may think about megastores who overnight their products from a warehouse. That is happening all over the Internet, but it is not quite the right definition for drop shipping. You see, over the past few decades, the importance of ecommerce branding and fast, convenient product fulfillment has opened up other avenues for online retailers to sell and ship their products. Drop shipping is a type of business where an online retailer with a storefront sells products that are stocked and shipped from a wholesale supplier, directly to the customer.

The Partnership of an Online Retailer and a Wholesale Supplier

A drop ship online retailer is the front end business unit that takes the orders through an ecommerce site and transfers the order information to the wholesale supplier, so they can ship the ordered products directly to the customer. The online retailer’s storefront will have their own unique return address on the shipping label, which is an example of the private label shipping that is a part of drop shipping, allowing the customers to see the retailer’s business name at all times, and not the wholesale supplier’s information. At Skyrocket, we create and manage drop shipping businesses by providing the online retailer storefront and developing a partnership with you, the wholesale supplier.

Drop Shipping Benefits

There are many benefits to this type of online business, as shown in our “LEAP” benefit analysis below. Skyrocket specializes in developing and managing ecommerce websites for drop ship businesses, selling wholesale supplies directly to the customer. It is important to find a drop ship company that is knowledgeable in this area, to have a smooth system in place, making it an enjoyable experience for all – customers, drop shippers and wholesale suppliers. The drop shipping method is the preferred method of choice for online retailers and wholesale suppliers because of the low operation costs, the efficiency of the business model, the flexibility and the ability to leave the inventory and product fulfillment business areas to the experts. Take a “LEAP” with these amazing benefits of drop shipping:

Low Operation Costs – It is very easy to start selling your wholesale products online, without huge start-up costs. Being able to offer tens of thousands of your products to customers without having to do the selling, marketing or customer service is a nice arrangement. Let Skyrocket handle the ecommerce website, marketing and customer ordering part of the businesses, and you can manage the order fulfillment and shipping.

Efficient Business Model – This is the best efficiency model for online businesses, because your area of expertise is paired with our ecommerce, marketing and customer service expertise for the most functional and efficient type of business. Drop shipping is a business model that makes sense, and we have the knowledge and strengths to establish the new drop ship company so it is set up for success.

Advantageous Flexibility for Management – You can communicate with us at Skyrocket to discuss and manage your ecommerce website anywhere that you can find an internet connection. Through our reports, easy navigation and helpful tools, you will always know exactly what was ordered and how the products will be shipped. Our ecommerce solutions are highly flexible and can be customized to match your business needs.

Product Fulfillment and Inventory Management are Your Two Priorities – It would be overwhelming to be in charge of hundreds of thousands of products and customer service, marketing, and ecommerce management. That is why those business areas are divided so that your only two focuses will be product fulfillment and inventory management. Leave the rest to us at Skyrocket.

At Skyrocket, we invest our resources, knowledge and time to ensure that you are set up correctly to do business with us. We provide the tools and competence to make the online drop ship company a success.

How long does it take to setup my online drop shipping business?

In a matter of days, we can have you up and running, taking orders and sending customer orders to you. It’s really that easy. With Skyrocket’s great customer service and marketing skills, your ecommerce site will continue to grow, creating more possibilities and larger volumes of sales. Your vision and products, and all of your business information will be reviewed and implemented to ensure that you have the drop shipping business that you dreamed of. At Skyrocket, we can make your drop ship company a reality. Call us today.

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