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Drop shipping is a smart way to sell your products, but it can be challenging for wholesale suppliers. There are logistical and technological processes that may become overwhelming when you drop ship products, if you do not have the time required for a successful implementation. At Skyrocket, we have simplified this process by creating a warehousing package option for suppliers. Our forward-facing ecommerce website for your drop ship business will be combined with the warehousing component, where we will manage your products in our warehouse, overseeing the order fulfillment, shipping and returns portion of drop shipping. This is an all-inclusive drop shipping package, where we handle all aspects of drop shipping, including marketing, promotions, order management, payment processing, order fulfillment, shipping and handling, returns, customer service, search engine optimization and more. In www.thejibe.com, drop shipping obstacles for suppliers are discussed:

Picking, packing, and shipping consumer orders is much different than shipping pallets to a retailer or distribution center. Drop shipping can require updates to warehousing, fulfillment, and invoicing systems, as well as changes to processes and channel policies. This all contributes to an added degree of inventory risk for the supplier.

One of the greatest challenges faced by retailers and suppliers is system-to-system integrations with trading partners. As well as, automating drop shipping processes and the lack of any kind of standard for performing and maintaining those integrations.”

Complex integrations are simplified with warehousing

Integrations are easy to set up when the online retailer and warehousing supplier are the same company. At Skyrocket, our strength in automating processes, integrating real-time information with online systems, makes the warehousing business model work smoothly. Our system integrations are seamlessly made so that all areas of the drop ship business have updated and accurate information in real time. Our warehousing option allows for single item and multiple item fulfillment, with efficient shipping and inventory controls.

Customers are our focus with drop shipping

By choosing the warehousing package from Skyrocket, you will receive the advanced technological side of drop shipping, as well as the high level of customer care that is offered from our customer service team. We keep the customer as our focus in every area of the drop ship business, so we will know that they are having the optimal shopping experience with your brand and products on your ecommerce store. In www.practicalecommerce.com, a Forrester and Digital River survey of 109 “U.S. sales channel decision-makers at brand manufacturing organizations” concluded the following:

Manufacturers that build and sell products under their own brand or brands are finding good reasons to consider selling directly-to-consumers if this Forrester and Digital River survey is to be believed. But it will also be important for manufacturers to acquire or hire ecommerce expertise and manage relationships with existing wholesale customers.”

We are your ecommerce expertise and we will provide superior customer service for your existing customers as well as the new, online retail store customers, increasing customer loyalty every step of the way. At Skyrocket, we understand that in order to succeed in the drop shipping business, we must always listen to the customer and provide the highest level of service.

Warehousing saves time and increases ROI

At Skyrocket, we want your drop ship business to be profitable and to save you time and money. As a wholesale supplier, you are busy with the day to day orders, fulfillments and shipping, so you need to be able to hand over the products that are designated as drop ship products. This online marketplace is unique, and our warehousing systems and ecommerce websites are specifically designed to meet those needs and function proficiently. When you want to drop ship your products, and you want the best in the industry to handle all of the operations, management, marketing and customer service aspects of the business, Skyrocket’s warehousing package is the perfect fit for you. Call us today to learn more about our warehousing package.

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