Online Reseller Partners for Drop Shipping Wholesalers

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When a new drop shipping business is starting up, a partnership needs to be formed between the drop shipping wholesaler and the ecommerce reseller. If you are a wholesale supplier, how do you go about finding the right ecommerce reseller to become a partner in the drop shipping business? At Skyrocket, we focus on developing and managing drop ship partnerships, providing the right combination of marketing, ecommerce and customer service expertise to create a drop ship business for your products. Now you do not have to search the web blindly for the company that will handle all of the marketing, customer service and online ordering for your products. We have extensive research in becoming online reseller partners for drop shipping wholesalers, and our communication and order management knowledge will propel your business to the next level.

Why do you need an online reseller partner for your drop ship business?

Your products need a place to shine, an online presence where they will be displayed in the best way so they are easy to find, contain all of the important product attribute data, and have a simple ordering system. Without those features, your products will not get noticed and your sales will be stagnant. At Skyrocket, we want to send your business to the top with our ecommerce solution which includes our ability to run the business expertly, creating the perfect environment for your drop ship business. We understand the complexities and processing techniques that are specific for a drop ship business. Return address labeling, order tracking, inventory control and product management are all important factors that need to be addressed daily to maintain a high level of active information sharing and communication. We know how to market your products on the Internet, provide excellent customer service and customize applications as needed.

How Does the Drop Ship Partnership Work?

In the Drop Ship partnership, Skyrocket provides an ecommerce site for customers to search for products and purchase them online. We also market the products through search engine optimization, social media and targeted marketing, using analytical research to further the site’s location on search engines. Responsible for adding new product information, we have excellent tools in place to update data instantly and create new product offerings and specials. Working together with you, the wholesale supplier, we set up the ecommerce site to automatically send customer order information, including shipping address and shipping method to you, via an agreed upon channel such as email or FTP. Your company will process the order fulfillment specifications and ship out the product to the customer. Next, our ecommerce website and backend processes allow you to easily update the quantity level and product status so we can track the order and shipping process.

Customer service inquiries and returns information will be sent to us, and we will work directly with customers. The products are shipped with the return address of our drop ship business, so your company’s address will not be visible to customers. This relationship allows for the business areas to get complete, focused attention. Wholesale suppliers excel at product fulfillment and shipping, and online resellers are proficient at marketing and customer service. The customer will receive a great price for their products and have excellent service and quick shipping. Skyrocket enjoys becoming online reseller partners for drop shipping wholesalers because they get to market, sell and promote new products to customers in an interesting and creative way. It’s true, we love what we do and look forward to new drop ship partnerships so we can discover how to reach the next target market and offer excellent service to the new set of customers.

What is the Next Step in Finding an Online Reseller for My Drop Ship Business?

This is an easy one. Contact Skyrocket for all of your drop ship partnership questions. We are here to help you by providing all of the tools you need for a successful drop ship business, including our reliable marketing and customer service team, ecommerce management, and integrated technology. There are many companies out there who claim that they have the right shopping cart tools and support, however they are not equipped with the right skills and expertise for a complete drop shipping online business venture. We have success stories, best practice tips and ideas to help you along your journey as a drop shipping wholesaler. Our easy to use ecommerce sites and expert order management, customer service and marketing skills add the rich professionalism that will bring marketability to your online store. Call Skyrocket today to set up a new drop ship business and reach your destination efficiently and affordably.

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