How to Make Your Product Easy for Dropshippers to Sell

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How can you make your products easier for dropshippers to sell? There are a variety of elements that will help dropshippers be more successful at selling your products. At Skyrocket, we know what structure will result in a successful drop ship partnership, and we want your wholesale supply business be set up proficiently so the integration will be seamless, and the partnership will thrive. The objectives below provide insight into what dropshippers are looking for when they search for a wholesale supplier to partner with:

  1. Create a Clear Pricing Structure for the Dropshipper

Wholesalers have hundreds to thousands of products that can be sold through the drop ship partnership, and it is necessary to have an agreed upon pricing structure so that the online retailer and wholesale supplier know exactly how payment will occur. If wholesalers can provide products at a very low base price, allowing a better markup for the online retailer to be successful among the competition, that is the ideal situation. A per-sale fee is usually charged to the online retailer, and it includes the packing and shipping of one item. By having these terms in place from the beginning, it will make your product easy for dropshippers to sell.

  1. Inventory Procurement Needs to Be Easily Accessible

Are your products manufactured by another manufacturer? If that is the case, there may be a middleman involved in procuring products for your warehouse. If you deal directly with the manufacturers who supply the products, that simplifies the drop ship process and may save time and money. The fewer steps involved in order fulfillment, the more attractive your products will be to dropshippers. Be sure to have a good system of communication and product procurement established for inventory procurement, as Skyrocket recommends having a strong foundation in this area for the drop ship business to be successful.

  1. Have Detailed Product Information for the Online Store

If you have nice, professional photos of your products, along with description, options and other information, it will be very helpful for the dropshipper. This will save a lot of time in the beginning of the partnership, so the dropshipper can upload the photos and related information for each product onto the new ecommerce site. At Skyrocket, we love it when our wholesalers send us new product information to list on our dropship ecommerce site, especially when it includes beautiful photos, descriptions and available options.

  1. Establish a Secure Shipping and Returns Policy

There will be product returns occasionally, and there needs to be a valid system in place to accept returns and respond to the customer. A strong shipping policy needs to be established to ensure consistency with shipping products, and being able to provide the best shipping prices for customers. Skyrocket looks for wholesalers who have a solid shipping and returns policy in place, so there will not be any delays or miscommunications in both areas of the business.

5. Offer a Wide Selection of Products from Recognized Brands

Popular products mean more web searches, with more views of your drop ship ecommerce site. When you provide a lot of top name brand products with a large variety to choose from, you make your product easy for dropshippers to sell because there will be more traffic going to the website from online searches. If you only provide a very narrow, niche product supply, there will not be as many searches or as many customers. At Skyrocket, we recommend offering a variety, and including name brands to help increase the number of sales.

We value the relationship that is created in a drop ship partnership, and want to set it up for success from the beginning. If the elements are in place to provide the best formula for a positive outcome, then we are ready to partner with you so we can drop ship your products. Doing research and establishing secure shipping, order fulfillment, inventory and product information channels now will enable you to successfully form a drop ship partnership with an online retailer. Contact Skyrocket today to learn more about starting a drop ship partnership with us.

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