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The number of dropshipping retailers on the Internet has been steadily increasing, and it is changing the way we think about online businesses. Partnerships are forming between wholesale suppliers and successful ecommerce retailers. These partnerships allow for greater availability of drop shipped products along with a lower cost of doing business. How does this partnership work between dropshipping retailers and wholesale supply companies? Skyrocket’s partnerships are essentially the union of two great business worlds – the shipping and product fulfillment side of the business (the wholesaler) and the customer-facing, online retailer with marketing and customer service expertise (Skyrocket).

Why Partner With Skyrocket?

When it is time to find a partner to start up a drop shipping business with your wholesale supplies, you need to find a company that has experience in online retailing, great customer service skills and a dynamic, user-friendly storefront for online customers. This is not to be taken lightly. There are many small startup companies and shady fly by night operations that offer these services, but if you want long-term attainable goals, Skyrocket has the resources and strengths to make the drop ship business partnership a success. One area that we are especially competent in is the management of online retail stores. Our ecommerce stores were created and managed by Skyrocket, so we have the experience and knowledge of all of the aspects of being dropshipping retailers.

Dropshipping Retailer Responsibilities

What exactly does a dropshipping retailer do? With creative marketing, logistical awareness and customer focus, the dropshipping retailer is responsible for taking customer orders and providing an easy to use format for searches and ordering. Being the front-facing side of the business, there are other job responsibilities that are in place for customer relations. The following job functions are necessary for the successful implementation of a drop shipping partnership:

Creative Online Marketing

The online dropshipping retailer needs to be as passionate about your products as you are. The enthusiasm and willingness to go the extra mile for these products is essential so that the growth and longevity of the partnership is always the focus. Along with the online storefront, social media and blogging plays a huge role in developing the dropshipping company’s culture and customer base. Skyrocket’s creative online Marketing techniques will get your products noticed and bring new customers to the online store.

Logistical Awareness

Skyrocket’s team of online retail managers has advanced problem solving skills when it comes to logistics. With automated processes built in for the ease of product ordering, fulfillment and shipping, there needs to be an expert in place to make instant modifications as shipping policies and product inventory levels change. The reliability of the wholesaler to ship the product on time is a necessity, too, so that the estimated shipping dates are attainable. Logistically speaking, an ecommerce savvy manager is a requirement to have the product information and shipping options loaded into the system correctly the first time. At Skyrocket, our years of managing ecommerce sites provide you with a trusted foundation for you to build your drop ship business.

Customer Focus

Ultimately, the customer should be the primary focus of any ecommerce website. Whether you are selling toenail clippers or high end paintings, the customer’s needs and lifestyle will be considered with every marketing decision. There needs to be clear, available communication options for a customer to reach the dropshipping retailer, either via telephone, email, web form or chat. Skyrocket’s customer service functions are in place so there is always a person available to answer questions and assist with orders. We want the customer’s shopping experience to be great so that we will receive repeat business and word of mouth or online referrals. Maintaining good customer loyalty is a factor that will help your drop ship business to enjoy increased sales.

Let’s Meet.

If you have been thinking about starting a drop ship business and you are a wholesale supplier, we are interested in speaking with you about the possibilities that exist to take your business to the next level. We will provide you with references to our existing ecommerce websites, so you can learn more about the services and management capabilities that are provided by Skyrocket’s dropshipping retailer partnership agreement. Your business culture and product categories will be reflected in the design of the storefront that we will build exclusively for the newly formed dropshipping partnership, and we provide frequent reporting and analytics to keep both parties updated on product sales and marketing efforts. User-friendly formatting of our ecommerce sites invites new customers to visit daily, exploring the available products and special promotions that are offered. We invite you to explore our company and call Skyrocket to set up a meeting to discuss drop ship options.

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