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Drop shipping has numerous benefits, including being able to sell all of your wholesale products online, via a dropship retailer who excels at ecommerce. It sounds amazing, but does it really work? Year after year, there are thousands of success stories about how you can get from zero to 6 figures quickly in the drop-shipping business. When a partnership is formed between an online retailer and a wholesale supplier, with similar business interests and goals, the formula creates a win-win situation. Here are a few drop shipping success stories that we want to highlight, so you can learn about a variety of drop shipping businesses and the steps they took to become successful:

  1. Green Earth Bamboo Success Story: Earning Six Figures While Working Only 10 Hours a Week


In this phenomenal example of a niche market business that drop ships organic bath towels, baby clothes and bedding, they are a completely home-based, virtual store that is managed by a brother-sister team:

Green Earth Bamboo is a family run e-commerce business that sells organic bamboo bedding, clothing, bath towels, baby clothes and accessories. It’s a drop shipping business that is entirely virtual and home based, which saves the brother and sister team, Doug and Corey, a tremendous amount of time and money in shipping and warehousing costs.

Green Earth Bamboo was their first green business and e-commerce venture, so Doug and Corey had to learn everything from scratch – from researching their sustainable product, to evaluating and selecting their e-commerce platform, to vetting and managing suppliers, to learning search engine optimization (SEO), and handling customer service.

After the initial legwork of building up their site, it took only 1 year for Green Earth Bamboo to become profitable, and generate 6 figures in income. Now, the site requires 10 hours of work a week – not quite the 4 hour work week, but not bad either!”

With a 10-hour work week, your business almost runs itself. Using a combination of a nice looking website, SEO advanced tools, and an easy-to-use customer ordering system, your wholesale products will easily be bought online, and your drop ship business partner will take care of customer service. All you have to do is have the products readily available and shipped according to the shipping terms. Simplify your business with a drop ship partnership and watch your sales soar.

  1. Wayfair.com: Selling Millions of Products Effortlessly with Sales of $500M+


If you are in need of a new lampshade, comforter set or any of the other 4.5 million products that can be used in your home, you have probably landed on the www.wayfair.com website during your online searches. The success story of this drop ship business is fascinating, written in 2012:

Wayfair had the biggest single-day sales in company history during last year’s holiday season. It sold $4 million worth of items on Cyber Monday, just two months into the rebranding. So maybe the Next Big Thing is just one thing after all. One thing with more than 4.5 million items.”

If you have thousands or millions of products, there are online retailers with the right blend of service, ecommerce expertise and marketing to bring in huge revenues. Skyrocket can accommodate large and small drop ship partnerships, and has been managing successful drop shipping businesses that experience large growth rates.

On a discussion board about online ecommerce sites, we have noted a few other success stories in various industries:



Autoanything.com is a site that started heavily, and still does, a ton of drop-shipping. They’re the 800lb gorilla in the automotive market, taking out 5-10 pages of print advertising in the major print publications every month, and dominating the attention of many manufacturers that I deal with directly, so not only am I competing against them online, but also behind the scenes for product availability.

EDIT NOV.2013 – Autoanything.com just got purchased by Auto Zone, undisclosed price. Autoanything had sales of $111 million in 2011.”

Food for thought: $111 million. Astonishing number, yet it can be attainable with the right online retailer to manage your drop ship products.


Commenting on the secret to their dropshipping success:

Our niche etailers seem to thrive on personal interaction and fast response to their prospects and customers.

And there is help on the way in terms of SINGLE CLICK CHECK OUT for small etailers to link their API to so customers do not have to fill out some big form with billing and shipping address.”

It is no surprise that a streamlined checkout system contributes to the success of a drop ship business. Being able to quickly order and receive products from online shopping is essential to meet and exceed customers’ expectations.


On being highly successful in drop shipping:

I was the owner of a highly successful e-commerce startup that used dropshippers for our 10,000+ products. We converted from stocking products in-house to fully converting to a dropship model. I can outright confirm that if done right, a dropship model can generate millions of dollars in revenue and be highly profitable.”

In conclusion, notice that all of these dropshipping success stories have these common elements:

1 – Finding a niche market for your products

2 – Having a streamlined checkout system for easy online ordering

3 – Providing excellent customer service is a MUST

At Skyrocket, we provide all of the elements that are necessary to create a drop ship business that will bring in a large amount of revenue, and keep customers highly satisfied. As a wholesale supplier, you need to find an online retailer who understands all of the aspects of the dropshipping business, and has proven techniques and technology to create the right online storefront for your products. Call Skyrocket and learn how your products can become a successful dropship business.

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