3 Items for Dropshipping Success

Posted by on January 10, 2017 6:34 am
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Dropshipping success can be achieved if you have the tools in place to make the business run smoothly. At Skyrocket, our experience in dropshipping has provided us with insight into narrowing in on what elements need to be in place for the success of the business. Just like all of the steps of a recipe need to be followed correctly for the best end result, we have steps that dropship businesses need to take in order to have a successful end result. We have concluded that a dropship business will become a great success if the following processes are done correctly: inventory feeds, accurate shipping dimensions and tracking numbers.

Inventory feeds for dropshipping

As a dropshipper, it is imperative to be able to know what is in stock and what is out of stock at a moment’s notice. Inventory feeds from the wholesale supplier accomplish this, especially when they are real-time, allowing for instant access to current quantity and supply information. Keeping the inventory feed updated and regularly synchronized will help to eliminate any out of stock issues and keep only correct and current information on the online dropship retailer’s website. Automating your inventory feed process will produce the likelihood for a successful dropship partnership.

Accurate shipping dimensions

Optimizing your shipping weights will allow you to receive the most accurate shipping rates. The shipping dimensions are crucial to determining the best possible shipping method that is available for that product. Once the shipping methods are determined and accurate information inputted, you will not need to revisit the shipping methods since they will have been set up correctly, the first time. With Skyrocket’s dropship team, products are analyzed to ensure that they have the accurate information before selling to the customer.

Tracking numbers

Since products that are sold on the dropship website come directly from a supplier, it is important to have the serial numbers tracked, to maintain accurate inventory and sales information. This data is critical to the success of your dropship business, since the wholesaler keeps track of product fulfillment and sends that information back to the dropship retailer. The dropship online retailer works directly with the customer, so any customer service inquiries will have the product serial number and both parties need to know it and have a record of that information. Tracking products and tracking orders are of vital importance to keep a dropship business running smoothly. Customers need to be able to track their purchases and know when the shipments will occur. At Skyrocket, we build in the correct tools and processes to enable our wholesale suppliers to provide tracking numbers for ordered products.

At Skyrocket, we seamlessly integrate order placement and inventory tracking into our dropship partnerships, so that every system and process goes smoothly from start to finish in the order management process. Not only are you receiving the best in a robust online storefront presence, we have all of the backend tools and integrations in place so there will be no miscommunications and no lost opportunities. Establishing a platform for success and working together to create the best brand and marketing plans for the dropship business, we will take your dropship business to the next level. Ecommerce expertise and search engine optimization strategies create a stable environment with a great growth rate, to promote your products and sell online. Give us a call today to see how we can use our recipe for dropshipping success and help your business to soar.

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